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BitLife provide you different new perspective in your life. You have download this app from BitLife can guide you in many different ways of your life.
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February 12, 2021
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BitLife provide you different new perspective in your life. You have download this app from BitLife can guide you in many different ways of your life. It provide a positive motivation which is help you live good life and give a more opportunities in the future of life.


Life look like a story we don’t know what will be happen in future of life. You don’t know what moment is coming which change your life and even you don’t know when life story will be ended. BitLife is a gameplay like a visual game novel. For one thing, instead of selecting character lines, you would choose the action for each time the main character. The game lists off events that take place each year. Even if your mother is going to be vaccinated for the first time. You can holding your mother’s hand. To increase the age of the main character, click on the age button and see what happens in his life.

There are four basic qualities of each character in BitLife including Prosperity, Smart, Health and Look. Health is main factor in our life. This will give you more opportunities later in life. Presence does not effect on your future. Rich person that have a lot of money. These people can be do plastic surgery for enhance their look.

 18 Years Old

Every man is very important milestone of his life in age 18. On this age decisions effect on future life. This time when you finished your school study and started packing for a difficult journey. You may be choose to attend university. You join military or earning the money. Your future life depend on your these decisions. If you have poor you efforts makes better life in the future. In this age everyone try to better which is more beneficial in future life. Its need to choose right decision of life and working hard.

Financial management

As we get older we know about finance how to manage it. Person use their own money bought cars or different properties and open an office .Write your assets in menu bar and manage them. You need to age requirement for own property. For you family support working hard. You earn money for spend better life. You wish to provide all facilities to your family which is basic needs.

Looking for your love

BitLife provide a very interesting feature. It allows you to marriage girls. It allows for date who relationship in your life. You make a many friends and love it. If you are married or not many girl flirt with you. You will try to build a happy family. You do everything’s which is possible for your family. You provide a good house, cars and money for your family.

Time machine

Every person wished to have a machine and change something which is passed. Everyone wish to change things in the past, its go back to high school and invite your girlfriend to prom. These things we can’t in real life. But it possible in BitLife. This is amazing feature in this app. With this feature you go to many years back to change some decision. You change everything’s which is passed in your past life. Time machine feature is one of the fantastic feature of this app.


BitLife provide a heavy experience with the 3D graphic effects. You enjoying like a book reading. The interface designed like a diary of this game. Without 3D graphic effects it’s provided light experience of game. You have download from You enjoyed it.  Your annual memorable events and functions display on the screen which is you selected. This app stored all memorable functions.



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