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On the edge of the civilized world, the godforsaken kingdom of Iblis is located and would have perished in obscurity. Still, local adventurers found a bottomless cave filled with incredible ancient riches. At first, everything went well, and the inhabitants of Iblis began to rapidly grow rich, building shops, taverns, and forges. Still, over time, mining for treasures became more and more dangerous until the caves were overrun with evil spirits. However, the presence of deadly creatures will not stop the adventurers hungry for fame and fortune. It's your turn to make a name and fortune for yourself!
July 29, 2020
4.4 and up
66 MB

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The gameplay of The Greedy Cave APK

In The Greedy Cave APK, You are a classic dungeon crawler who has to fight a lot of chthonic creatures, level up and raise the characteristics, and, most importantly, select the best equipment to fight evil spirits.

Game features:

  • Rogue-Like RPG, inspired by the styles of Path of Exile and Don’t Starve.
  • Three ways of pumping the character (warrior, magician, elemental hybrid).
  • An abundance of exciting mechanics: sharpening, pets, achievements, tests.
  • The function of the automatic farming of dungeons.
  • The ability to receive premium crystals without a donation.

In The Greedy Cave APK Inventory management, sharpening, runes, and enchantments are taken from the best representatives of the genre. The passage has to be approached wisely, since the death in the dungeon will reset all your items, and it does not matter whether you are dressed in the trash or legendary armor. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to avoid death, and in extreme cases, to resurrect for the magic crystals.

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Battles take place automatically, but you have the opportunity to use potions of health and mana and use combat skills that change the outcome of the fight. You can become a magician who knows how to heal and actively use abilities or a straightforward warrior who clogs the enemy with brute force, which is simple and effective for quickly clearing floors.

In The Greedy Cave APK, You can get premium currency both by watching ads and getting achievements. Through the classic donate, for the most relevant promotions, prices are small, so you can significantly facilitate the process. For the information of principled free players, it should be said that almost all cool clothes in the game are knocked out in the dungeon, and you can always do without a penny of investments in the game.

Looking for the best roguelike game with massive replayability where only your straight arms decide everything? Then Greedy Cave is for you.

How to install The Greedy Cave APK:

  • Just install the apk file as usual, and the cache will be unpacked automatically.
  • Further, at the first start, you can independently choose the type of game (original or mod).
  • After the first launch, you cannot change the game type.

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What's new

Bugs fixed.


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