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Plague Inc has a well thought out idea of how diseases evolve and spread.
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February 21, 2019
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Plague Inc MOD APK: In the course of the disease, many solutions await you, various developmental variations are possible.

Disease Simulation:

In Plague Inc MOD APK, There are many ways of transmitting the virus: use air, insects, rodents, blood, water, birds, or livestock. You need to monitor the course of the disease continually; you can use all the resources to spread or pay attention to the progression, only a dangerous condition with several fatal symptoms, and with the presence of immunity can overcome humanity.

Learn to Defeat the Opponent

In Plague Inc MOD APK, Just killing would not be so exciting if people did not resist. World countries will actively use antifungal drugs, antibiotics, etc. Your goal is to improve the disease before the medicine is created; after its creation, the entire population will be healed in just a few months.

You have several options for counteracting the creation of a medicine:

  • acquire particular symptoms, skills;
  • achieve the destruction of a country that is actively developing a vaccine.

In the “World” menu, you can see who is most active in creating a medicine, find out more about the country, and select the most effective method of destruction.

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The subtleties of playing in Plague Inc MOD APK:

After Russification, the game became easy to control, you can use your touch to choose the path of the disease, provoke an infection. Clicking on the icons allows you to infect the surroundings faster; for this, you get DNA. For these points, you can improve the virus and add exciting and hazardous features to it. Once installed, you can only use bacteria, but if successful, new possibilities will open up for you. Next, you will discover fungus, viruses, parasites, nano-viruses, prions, bio-weapons. If you want to take over even more frightening capabilities, you can buy the Necroa virus or the Neurax worm (but for real money). You will be offered a choice of difficulty, it is easier to play on a simple one, but you will not be able to open complex diseases.

Plague Inc MOD APK Advantages:

  • Availability of levels of difficulty.
  • Many diseases and ways of their development.
  • Ease of learning.
  • Availability of news.
  • The ability to save.

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