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Animations ThrowDown is your favorite cartoon series are in one game. This is a card game in which you see the characters of the famous TV series. This is available on
February 8, 2021
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Animations ThrowDown is your favorite cartoon series are in one game. This is a card game in which you see the characters of the famous TV series. This is available on The mechanics are as simple as building your Table and competing with your opponent’s desk in epic card battles there will be given to chance to join it.


The Card Game

In the animation throw, Game player given biggest adventure, where they would be played with different characters. The game is basically a card game where you have to collected different cards with different levels of game. Players using their powers to compete against others. Player can be combined multiple cards together and unlock great scenes by presenting funny moments of each of the characters in the cartoon series.Fight your opponents in one-on-one battles where you have to compete with the right strategy and approach. And besides, you can watch online gameplay where it introduces you to a whole new level of fun and humor. Animation Throwdown provides an easy and exciting gaming experience to the users. In this game, you will make five cards from your desk. However, you need to make sure you have the cards already in your desk. So, it makes sense to choose the best card to come on your table.You will use your power in this game. You need to develop a strategy that works against the enemy. It is up to you to decide which war card to choose. Also, you can add cards to make strong cards. But you need to know what special powers are used to match the characters. However, it is not like any other talent game, it is a great fun game. Test your power against your friends and family.


There are many games in the genre of card games. They are easy to make, but still, if handled properly, they become incredibly addictive. Throwdown is such a perfect game. The developers have actually done their work in this game. There are some features: For Single Players:When you are offline, the game provide the single player platform where player will have played game. Player finishing their levels and win against the card. Players unlock the new card.


Collection Of Cards : 

Cards are one of the key elements of this game. Each card will be unique character of your favorite Television show. The game has over 100 cards that you can collect from different cartoons. Of course, they are not all strong, they have levels. You should be very lucky to have hard cards in your deck but the best news is that you can store them.



Well Designed Animation:

Animation is prominent in this game because the characters and card designs are directly from the show. You will never feel like you are playing the same game because of the realistic game play. The different effects of card battle are also good as it encourages you to play as much as possible. However, you will start laughing at some fun scenes.


Multiple Players and Matches

The game features a single player mode as well as more matches. A PVP format where you can play against your friends and challenge millions of players around the world to see who is more powerful. There are guild matches etc.


Game Play

The gameplay for Animation Throwdown is very smooth and well organized. Because it’s an online game therefore it’s required a stable internet connection for playing a game. This game provide a good experience to the users. Player finishing the different levels and move forward which is take to high level in the game. There player got a many rewards. If you have new on this game it’s provide a different option to learn about the game. You have download this game from graphics are good and also to involved the sound of the game. Cards and animations are colorful and beautiful. User card is added when the beating is strong opponents. When there is no fight, the user can find different types of cards and combine them for another amazing scroll. You’ll be getting new powerful cards from Mystery Box that will give you great surprises.Animation Throwndown Mode APK is a great game that covers all aspects of the genre of the collection of card games. To change the quality of the brain work and the technology used by the developers to suit the game.



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